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i just realised i will stepping into adulthood in a week’s time.

Deep down, theres a fear inside me that i couldnt explain.  It seems that time passes too fast that i couldnt get a grip of everything.  This morning i was lying on my bed, listening to the rain falling on my rooftop and next minute i am back in my hometown , sitting down blogging.  Nothing stays permanent , even friendship. We could be close friends for a moment, but the next minute, i can feel like we are strangers afterall. Or even thoughts of working life giving me a scare. I am that kind of person that dislikes adapting into new situation.

It might be all the things that i’ve been caught up with induced me to have random thoughts like this. Maybe its time for a break.



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sometimes it really scares me that how insecure i can be,

towards me my self, the people that i love and the people i dislike.

maybe its time to let go the past and look to the future.

Depressing post..

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okay, basically i am posting something depressing again, the main reason why i blogged is because i wanna let go of the stupid emo-ness in me. See the banner? black and white reflects my emo thoughts. I seriously dont know why i feel so weird these few days, totally feel like breaking down for no reasons. It must be the time of the month..grr.. Seriously i miss home a lot lately, feeling badly in need to find my loved ones..
I seriously need to beat out this feeling of me.. i cant concentrate in studying..!!!

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Am i that insignificant to you?

Dead or Alive?

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sorry for the disappearance act.. basically i am updating my blog because i am very bored at this moment all thanks to the long weekend ( 5 days!! , gosh) I can totally feel the slow pace of everything after all my packed schedules for the past weeks. Can u know how bored am i now? i’ve been refreshing all my daily read fashionistas’ blogs for every 2 hrs.. i should get to my books right now, but i cant really focus, hah, i think i only can manage to force myself studying when its one month before exams.

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one more weeeeeeek before hols end……. =(
i dunwan to go back..

talented people that i do admire

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check him out