The very first in word press.

hmm.. it is just plain random that i chose word press over blogspot. Although me-and-my-intuition think that no one is going to be interested in reading my blog, but there is a sudden urge for me to express myself in words.Hence, here we go,word press…

Just finished attending my simulation lab.  Have been trying my best to build a strong interest in laboratory works. Found some random quotes online, one of them is go back a little to leap further.  Sometimes i do wonder why god put me in this place studying something that i never cross my mind.. Seriously i dont know.. few days before, i was reading one of my ex cf leader’s blog.. he was so passionate with his studies and i can really feel God’s plan with his studies and all that. Somehow,i would like to see how god mould me to be passion in this field.

It is so hard to stand people who keep creating stories and telling others stories that havent been existing at all. Yes, i had enough of experiences meeting people like them and they arent going to stop coming towards you. Yes.. Next time i will try to stay away from them. 

You know what GYH means? GYH=guarding your heart.. yes, i am trying my best to guard it.. and hopefully i will..sighz


3 Responses to “The very first in word press.”

  1. Felicia Says:

    Wow….new blog? I m sure God has a reason to everything, u will definitely be a stronger person if u learn from it.

  2. it doesnt lack reader.. unless u let others know u’ve moved.-.- 😛 im reading it now…

  3. it doesnt lack reader.. unless u let others know u’ve moved.-.- 😛

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