success thoughts part 1

My friend and I recently shared some thoughts on meaning of success and ways of achieving goals of life. He told me bout Robert Kiyosaki’s theory, which is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad which actually caused me to ponder about how money works. My friend gave me a question, “How do you define success?” I gave him an answer, “Success is an achievement where I own good health and good wealth.” Simple answer. Then he asked me what are the  dreams that you think you could not achieve ? Good then, i answered with a flash of thought. “I want to own an amusement park.” LOL.  Who on the earth wish to own an amusement park.. Then he asked, ” Do u think that by having a steady job in life you will be able to fulfill your dream? let say u earn a living of 3k, and with bills like house loan,car loan,etc.. , do u think you will be able to save money for years and fulfill whatever your dreams ? Money doesnt come easy..  it takes years to get u promoted and I think the most you can go is being a Chief Executive officer and by the time you are at the peak of your career you are most probably on your way to retire. (to be continued..)


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