Updates of my current life

sigh..its freaking hot now… i couldnt concentrate on what am i studying now.. i need to chill out after i finished every notes.. okay..gonna write bout what happened for the past week as a remembrance of what happened.. (not like anyone’s interested also) It was a holiday as well as a study break for the upcoming exam..(cross my heart that i did try to study but failed most of the time.. mind was kinda distracted by stuffs…) I was sick during the beginning of hols.. it all happened when me and my housemate ate our lunch at the cafe around my neighbourhood which inclusive of nasi lemak ( having nasi lemak phobia right now) Then i felt indigestion in my tummy for the whole afternoon and couldnt stop having emetic action.. seriously i hate the feeling of throwing up.. then i spent the whole afternoon lying on the bed feeling so discomfort until the late night when i started to vomit excessively.. (kinda exaggerating) i mean few times lar haha.. was so sick until i think u put the whole lasagna ( that was what i crave few days ago before i was sick)still i will not gonna touch it… what i could consume was just plain bread and jam.. how badly i wish i was home for that moment =( after countless hours of rest, i was well again except for some swirling wind and abnormal bowel sounds in my tummy and a wee bit of diarrhea.. well thank god i am healthy this minute.. =) just that i think i gained some phobias on nasi lemak..


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