i am seriously feeling inferior right now.. its killing me..sigh..maybe its due to PMS…i hate PMS =(

i’ve been having weird thoughts of myself..why am i so talentless? i cant even find a good thing in myself..

sudden thoughts make me feel more useless.urgh.. maybe i should go bang my head on the wall. pls dont

tell me i am good in being lame..i totally hate it…darn PMS


2 Responses to “PMS”

  1. you’re not talentless..:P the countdown video u did for DnD was superb! and u can fix the internet connections on your own.. i know i cudnt have done any it even if u gave me a million years! 😛 you’re good with electronic gadgets.. dat’s a gift.

  2. Place a silpat liner on a baking sheet (or spray with nonstick cooking spray).
    You might need to dust your rolling pin with flour too, if the
    crust sticks to it too much while you are rolling.

    That is, until I thought about making a pizza using my cast iron skillet.

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